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Name:Bishop Sanctimonious the Hypocritical
"Burn the darkness with the light of knowledge."

Alex_antonin: Satanist, Discordian, pacifist, gender-fluid, anarchist, pagan, polyamorous, autistic, pansexual, intersectional feminist, chaos mage. Also white. If I accidentally say or do anything racist, please call me out politely on that shit.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Be polite to me and I shall be polite to you. Annoy me and I will tell you to fuck off. Annoy me too much and I will unfollow and/or block you.

Militant vegans, Republicans, anti-abortion nuts, religious nuts, Libertarians, anti-feminists, homophobes, transphobes, bi/panphobes, racists, sexists, Ayn Rand fans, classists, "fedora" wearing assheads, dudebros, and pro-capatalist scumbags: please go to Hell.

Also, if your brand of feminism excludes or hates transgender & genderqueer people, opposes porn, opposes safe & sane BDSM, opposes legalization of prostitution, or causes you to hate sex workers, then you, you can go to Hell, too, I wouldn't want you to feel left out.

Interests (99):

aborigines, adelaide, agnosticism, archaeology, atlantis, australia, australian aborigines, australian accents, beethoven, bill bryson, bill bryson's african diary, bizarre happenings, botany, canberra, cape tribulation, catastrophism, classical music, comet impact, cryptozoology, darwin, debunking myths, didgeridoo, didgeridoo music, discordianism,, disinformation, disinformation books, dolmens, doubt, dreamtime, dvorak, england, english accents, evolution, fantasy, flying spagetti monster, folk music, fortean, friendly people, fsm, great barrier reef, grooved ware people, in a sunburned country, js bach, learning, lemuria, linguistics, lisa lamponelli, magick, megalithic culture, megaliths, megascolides australis, melbourne, mind of mencia, monotremes, music, orkney, otherkin, pagan, platypus, polar shift, polyamory, polymorph, prehistoric man, prehistory, psychic, puns, rant, ranting, rants, reading, research, rheobatrachus silus, rock music, scary animals, scholastics, science, science fiction, sex, skepticism, social change, social outcast, speculative nonfiction, spirituality, stonehenge, stones of stenness, stromatelites, subjective morality, sydney, tasmanian tiger, telepathy, the grooved ware people, the lost continent, the outback, uluru, uncyclopedia, vivaldi, walking, writing
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